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Welcome to the Crossroads Application FAQ's page. Below, find the answers to frequently asked questions about the application and selection process. If your question is not represented below, please contact us. 

Does my child need to be Catholic to apply to Crossroads?
No. In fact, Crossroads scholars come from many different faiths and backgrounds.
Do I need to take an entrance exam to apply to Crossroads?
There is not a separate entrance exam for Crossroads; you just submit an application. Each Crossroads scholar, however, must take any entrance tests required by the host high school.
What is FACTS and how do I access the aid application?
FACTS Management provides the financial aid assessment tool used by the Catholic schools to calculate family need and offer appropriate tuition support. The FACTS Grant & Aid application must be completed each year. Click here for more information.
What if I receive additional scholarship money from another source?
Since Crossroads is a "last dollar" contribution, the initial Crossroads award amount may be readjusted based on other sources of financial aid.
I really want to attend a particular Catholic high school. If I am accepted, can I go to whichever school I want?
No.  You must apply to and be accepted to the high school of your choice.  You will indicate on your application the school or schools to which you plan to apply.  You MUST let Crossroads know if your high school choice changes.
Does it cost anything to apply to Crossroads?
No. There is no application fee associated with applying to be a scholar at Crossroads Foundation. 
Are students obligated to participate in Crossroads over the summer?
Yes.  The summer programs presented by Crossroads are essential to the overall development and success of your child and are considered mandatory.  Scholars at each grade level are involved in programs designed to enhance their personal-social, college and career readiness and academic skills.  Crossroads Foundation provides advance notice of all program requirements.
I’ve been accepted to Crossroads. What are the expectations for students?
Our expectations for our scholars are high.  We believe you to be a young person of character, integrity and perseverance who will represent Crossroads well and go on to positively impact the larger community.  We expect you to take on the characteristics of a scholar, to develop the attitudes and habits of a lifelong learner.  In short, we believe in your ability to succeed and expect you to work hard to reach that goal.
Is Crossroads only a scholarship program?
No, it is so much more! Additional school year and summer programs are designed by Crossroads to enhance the academic and personal development of your child and prepare him or her for college and career success. This programming is an essential and required part of being a Crossroads scholar.
Do I have to re-apply each year for the Crossroads program?
No, if you are selected to become a Crossroads scholar and accept this opportunity, you will begin a four year Crossroads journey. You will still need to complete the financial aid process annually.