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Crossroads Model



Our G-P-S System for Success

At Crossroads we believe that true success comes from within. The Crossroads GPS System is Guidance, Preparation and Success. Crossroads guides and prepares our scholars to achieve success. Each and every scholar is provided with clear expectations of academic achievement, as well as adult mentoring and emotional support to help them stay on track. Our collaborative partnerships with local colleges, universities and educational enrichment programs offer Crossroads scholars opportunities for continued achievement.

Crossroads provides solutions to the complex education problems facing today’s young scholars by:

  • Nurturing the journey of the whole scholar
  • Providing one-on-one support to scholars
  • Developing leadership potential
  • Partnering family, school and community
  • Providing scholarships and wrap-around services
The Four Domains

 All of Crossroads' programs, services, and initiatives are designed to support scholars' development in one or more of the following four domains: Academic Support, College & Career Readiness, Personal-Social Wellness, and Tuition Assistance. By developing support in each of these areas, Crossroads nurtures "the whole child" and promotes well-rounded growth and development among our scholars.
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