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LEAD Scholars Share the Mission

"I want to inspire other scholars to achieve more because I know they can. Everyone can reach higher limits than what they think they can...I just want to set an example. I hope by watching me, other scholars want to achieve more and try [to] be the best they can be."
For this reason, Sequoia Tate, a senior at Oakland Catholic, is part of Crossroads LEAD, a group of juniors and seniors who are developing leadership, networking, and communication skills by representing Crossroads at various events and programs. Whether they are sharing their Crossroads experience with donors or guiding freshmen scholars through Oakland on a scavenger hunt, these young men and women showcase what it means to be a Crossroads scholar.
After being chosen through an application process, LEAD members work with Crossroads staff to introduce younger students to Crossroads at recruitment events and school visits. LEAD members also play an important role in helping new scholars adjust to Crossroads and their high school. Antonio Cheatom, a senior at Central, applied to join LEAD because "I understand what it's like to be a freshman in a school. I want to show that there is a difference between settling and working for what you want. I want to set the bar high for Crossroads Scholars at Central Catholic. I don't want them to settle for sub-par, but for the best."
In addition to serving as role models and leaders for their fellow scholars, LEAD members also represent Crossroads at events with business leaders, board members, and donors, sharing their personal stories and the impact Crossroads has made on their lives. Bobby Sullivan, a senior at Central, hopes that through his LEAD role he "represents Crossroads professionally and makes [people] impressed with the types of students they are producing.
LEAD, which stands for Learn, Empower, Advocate, Discover, was formed at Crossroads three years ago by then-counselor April Perry as a way to build on the strengths of achieving scholars and provide opportunities for growth and leadership. Sean Hoover, Crossroads' program coordinator, is working with the group this year and has been impressed with this "talented group of young people with an overwhelming desire to be a good example to younger scholars and improve their community. I think this group's potential for taking action and making change is huge."
LEAD scholars embody all that is possible for our promising young people--from networking at the Duquesne Club to reassuring a nervous freshman, LEAD members positively impact their schools, Crossroads, and our Pittsburgh community.