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READY for a new school year!

With scholar participation between 97% and 100% for Crossroads' 10 weeks of summer programming, our scholars are more ready than ever to tackle the challenges of a new school year. The wide array of meaningful activities for ALL grade levels, from our incoming freshmen to our most recent graduates, included:

  • Incoming freshmen:
    • 4 weeks of math and reading enrichment courses
    • Connecting with Crossroads Week, which builds peer support and introduces freshmen to the full array of help available through their Crossroads scholarship
  • Rising sophomores:
    • St. Vincent College Week residential program to expose scholars to college life and expectations
    • Three weeks of summer career academies, including one week each of health and technology career exploration
  • Rising juniors:
    • An accredited, pre-college program in a field of interest in which 79% attended a multi-day residential program held on a college campus and 42% attended a program in a STEM field
    • Regional Job Outlook Week
  • Rising seniors:
    • College workshop on the search and application process
    • Senior Year Kickoff at Duquesne University
    • Paid multi-week internships held at sponsoring businesses
  • Recently graduated Class of 2017
    • College transition workshops

In addition, scholars identified as needing summer academic help to improve grades in the coming school year benefited from one-on-one tutoring assistance at Crossroads' Calland Center.

Click here for the full list of partners who helped to make our 2017 summer programming so successful! And stay tuned for more impressive outcomes as our new school year progresses.