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Crossroads helped me to visualize a future that was as bright as the sun

On April 25th, Crossroads Foundation celebrated the accomplishments and graduation of the Class of 2018. The Senior Recognition Dinner is always a joy to behold as the stories of the scholars' successes are eloquently told by parents, scholars, staff, and board members. Many of our scholars face challenges and obstacles throughout their high school careers and one of our senior scholars, Shane Davis, Central Catholic Class of 2018, composed a poem about his journey to share with his classmates and their families. It was an honor to learn more about our impact on Shane's journey.
Untitled Poem by Shane Davis, Central Catholic Class of 2018
Who would’ve thought that Crossroads would put me in this position
Guess I have to talk about the last four years, sit tight, it’s time for senior reminiscing
Flashback to the old days, freshman year when we were all so young
I remember, the low ropes activity was when my Crossroads journey had just begun
That was when our family was just formed, we created lifelong friendships that couldn’t be broken
That reminds me of Saint Vincent, when that dude talked about doors that could be opened
If we took those opportunities presented to us, we could show the world that we are golden
And with the help of Crossroads, they helped me to visualize a future that was as bright as the sun and as limitless as the ocean
Saint Vincent’s brought us all really close, I swear we were inseparable
Out of my 4 years with Crossroads, that week might be my most memorable
Just when everything was going great, things took a turn for the worst
On April 6, 2016, my house burned down, and I thought it to be a curse
But little did I know, that ending led a new beginning
Looking back, it’s crazy how much we’ve all grown together
The motivation and support from this Crossroads Family is the reason why I strive to do better
Although we’ve come to the end of the road, our journey still has yet to take flight
To all my fellow peers, let’s turn up and celebrate each other tonight
I wish you all the luck on the path you are soon to pursue
And to Crossroads as whole, I want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you