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EQT Steps Up to Help Change the STEM Equation

According to Change the Equation, a corporate coalition working to ensure all U.S. youth are STEM literate, African-American and Latino representation in STEM fields has remained dismally stagnant at 17% or less since 2001. A Department of Commerce 2017 update further indicates that women held only 24 percent of STEM jobs nationally.

These are statistics EQT is helping to change for Crossroads scholars.  

By becoming Crossroads’ first JOBS2 partner, EQT is stepping up to “Jumpstart Opportunities Bridging Scholars with Stem” with a grant award supporting math enrichment courses for incoming freshmen, afterschool math and science tutoring for all grades, customized SAT courses, and a comprehensive site visit to EQT this July. The visit exposed a group of Crossroads’ sophomore scholars, most of whom are female students of color who will be the first in their family to graduate from college, to careers in engineering, information technology, and geology.

“We were very impressed with the wide range of jobs covered at the visit and how enthusiastic the employees were to share their career trajectories with our scholars,” says Crossroads Program Director Damion Wilson.  “We met engineers and geologists who control and monitor the drilling around the clock; we learned about the many measures taken to ensure the drilling is environmentally safe; we learned about how massive amounts of data are manipulated and kept secure; and also the many types of jobs involved in extracting and transporting natural gas.  It was a very in-depth career exploration.”

JOBS2 is intended not only to promote STEM learning and career awareness among our scholars, but also to encourage them to pursue a STEM major and seek jobs right here in Pittsburgh upon completing their degrees.  Thank you, EQT, for helping to advance this important mission!