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2017-18 Program Outcomes Announced!

This September, Nyla wowed her Crossroads family when she became the first in our Class of 2019 to receive a college acceptance letter.
That’s because Nyla had always assumed college was impossibly out of reach for her. Yes, we enabled her to attend a college-prep Catholic high school, but no one in her family had a degree, and affording one would also be a considerable challenge.
Discouraged by her chances, Nyla found it hard to stay motivated.  And her resulting poor grades landed her on probation by sophomore year.  “My grandparents had sacrificed so much to put me through Catholic school since Kindergarten and now I had to tell them I could lose my Crossroads scholarship.”
Though Nyla hated the thought of disappointing her family, she was convinced she would need to give up on her college dreams and just find the best job she could after high school. But her Crossroads counselor had other ideas. “He kept showing me I didn’t have to settle for that and I still had options. Eventually, I started believing him and decided to get back on track.”
For her Crossroads-funded SPICE program that summer, Nyla attended CSI Camp, which cemented her interest in pursuing a career in criminology. She also buckled down in her coursework junior year, improving her grades so dramatically that she earned herself a spot on Crossroads’ Silver Honor Roll. And to help ensure she would get into a college that offered a solid criminology program at an affordable cost, she applied early – and was accepted – to Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
Nyla’s story is just one example of the 130 young lives your annual donations change for the better.

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