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Membership Requirements


College Signing DayYoung Professional Leadership Council (YPLC) members embrace the opportunity to learn and grow with each other as advocates for Scholars.
Active Council members... 
  •   Attend at least 50% of Council Meetings (held bi-monthly)
  •   Donate 12-15 hours per year participating in YPLC-related duties
  •   Participate in at least 1 networking event 
  •   Collaboratively organize 1 Saturday volunteer event for scholars
  •   Represent their alma mater in a Crossroads College Fair OR participate in a student workshop or Career    Academies workshop
  •   Support Crossroads Foundation with a minimum annual gift of $150
  •   Work collectively with the Council to plan and participate in a fundraiser for Crossroads Foundation


The Leadership Council comprises 15-25 members, selected based on recommendations from the staff and Board of Directors at Crossroads Foundation. Members are appointed for a two-year term, renewable upon the request of the member/organization and approval from the leadership. 
The President and Vice President are elected by the Council for a two-year appointment beginning July 1st of the following fiscal year and serve until June 30th. The President serves as the Leadership Council’s representative to Crossroads' Board of Directors and provides updates on activities to the Board. 

Vice President
The Vice President assists the President in the leadership and organization of the Council. In the event that the President is unable to attend a Board of Directors’ meeting, the Vice President attends as the YPLC representative to the Board.
The Secretary records attendance and meeting minutes for distribution to the Council.
The President, Vice President, and Secretary also serve as the subcommittee heads and are responsible for reporting subcommittee activities to the full Council.