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Application & Selection Process


We want YOU to Become a Scholar!

To be considered for acceptance into Crossroads, students must:
  • Apply for admission into 9th grade at one of Crossroads’ host high schools
  • Have at least an 80% average or higher in middle school coursework
  • Complete the online application, both student and parent applications
  • Submit transcripts and recommendation, if requested.
  • Demonstrate financial need

Each Crossroads applicant must also apply separately for admission to the high school of his or her choice and must complete the FACTS Grant & Aid application. Additional information regarding how to complete and submit the FACTS Grant & Aid Application will be sent to all Crossroads applicants each year in January.




Selection into the Crossroads program is highly competitive and  each applicant is assessed based on measures of academic achievement, readiness for success,   and program fit. During the winter months, selection committee members review application materials,     then meet in late February to make final decisions about each applicant’s status.



Parents and students are notified by the end of March as to their application status. Students accepted into the Crossroads program then meet with Crossroads staff to sign their letter of commitment and be formally accepted into the program as scholars.