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Esther Mellinger Stief

Esther Mellinger Stief, Crossroads' Executive Director, is committed to partnering with stakeholders to ensure Crossroads is a thriving organization that offers young people access to a quality education as well as responsive programs and support which result in recognized, measurable impacts on our scholars' life trajectories. Esther served as the Director for Research and Program Development at Crossroads Foundation for five years prior to becoming the Executive Director role in 2017. At the beginning of her professional career, Esther was a high school English teacher for 10 years. Following her years in the classroom, she worked as a Research Site Coordinator, freelance writer and Educational Consultant before coming on board at Crossroads.  Esther holds undergraduate degrees in Sociology and English  from Westminster College as well as a graduate degree in Education from University of Pittsburgh. She believes that "Crossroads' commitment to opening doors of opportunity for young people has a lasting impact not only on our scholars but also on the lives of their families and community members." It is this positive change, this movement toward a more just, generous and peaceful future, that provides motivation for Esther's daily work at Crossroads.