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Tuition Assistance


CRF Financial Support

The first step toward an excellent education is an academic environment where students thrive. Unfortunately, high tuition costs bar many students from enrolling at high-performing schools. That is why tuition assistance is at the core of the Crossroads Model. We believe that when scholars are enrolled at strong, college-preparatory high schools, they have a greater chance to succeed in college and in life.

Crossroads provides tuition assistance for scholars to attend rigorous Catholic high schools in the greater Pittsburgh area. By collaborating with families, our six partner schools, and other stakeholders, we are able to make excellent education affordable and accessible to many of our region’s promising young people.

Last Dollar Program  

In order to receive financial aid, parents must submit a FACTS application online each year by March 15th. Crossroads then receives access to the report, which indicates whether the family is eligible for financial aid.  The FACTS report calculates an expected family payment based on the family’s financial analysis.

After completion of the financial analysis, the host high school and at times the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh awards financial aid based on available monies.  This may vary anywhere from 30 to 65 percent of financial need. Once this information is received from the host high school, Crossroads then provides “last dollar” support to enable scholars to attend the Catholic high school.  Crossroads attempts to meet AT MINIMUM 85% of a scholar’s calculated family need.

Based on individual circumstances, the last dollar award may be adjusted before being finalized.

Award Letter

CRF provides a final award letter to parent/guardians and scholars by the middle of June for the upcoming school semester.